Our Story

The man behind Dash Cam Man is owner and operator Nathan Wheals, who started the company over a decade ago.

Nathan holds a degree in performing arts and is passionate about music and gadgets.

He has a knack for business and enjoys keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. This former DJ and percussionist’s fascination with audio, recording, electronics, travel, and life’s beat in general eventually led him into the dash cam business.

Over the course of ten years, the company has built its reputation as a reliable retailer of premium quality dash cams. It now boasts of a long string of clients - individuals, corporate, fleets in Australia, and beyond.

As a husband and a dad to three kids, he is a vocal advocate for road safety and being able to track and stay in touch with loved ones even when away from home. He is hands-on when it comes to running his business. His desire to provide easy access to top-quality yet affordable dash cams is what drives him to continue expanding his physical and online stores.

When it comes to our family’s safety, we make the most of technology and practice what we preach by using the same dash cams we sell in our own cars for the protection of my family and yours. With dash cams, we get the help we need in a world that gets more hectic each day. I make it my personal mission to equip all my vehicles at home and at work with the latest dash cam technology” - Nathan

Our team of dash cam experts and enthusiasts helps our clients address their vehicle and personal safety needs. We equip them with dash cams that offer advanced smart security, protection, and recording features at reasonable prices. We offer installations and reliable customer service for a great customer experience.